It is waiting inside of you

We have all experienced longing for change at some point in our lives.  What thing that longs for you, that’s been quietly waiting inside of you?  It holds a field of brightness and inertia that sets your imagination ablaze, yet years later – it still eludes you?  Sometimes it’s more in your frontal consciousness and at other times it’s buried beneath the goings-on and the intensity of situational life as a entrepreneur, executive, manager, employee, parent, friend and as a doer.  Why is this thing that you know is your purpose and is within your capability – still out of reach? Why can others actualize it, and for you it’s presence is obscured?

For some of us it may be things like; stepping into purpose, becoming a better delegator, more effectively motivating teams, becoming a better presenter, mentoring others, become a better communicator or listener, improving finances, a new career, losing weight, improving personal or professional relationships, etc.

I heard someone once say that if we can imagine it, the capability is within us.  I don’t know if that’s true, however I find it a provocative thought.

When will I be ready?

So when will you have this life or career that you want?  I heard someone respond to this question by responding; “when it’s more important than anything else”.  At first we might think – that’s fairly simple and straightforward. And, as I explored this answer more, it quickly became more complex and even further away.  We have to be willing to look at our stories, belief systems, hidden motivations that steer us away from our goals, and of course our projections – that block our paths.

What are you willing to let go of to step into this life we want?

It is outside of our comfort zone…

Our ability to sit with and in our own discomfort plays a pivotal role in our capability to change and uplevel our lives.  For most of us, there’s a line that if we don’t cross, we are safe. The reason it’s out of reach, is that it is on the other side of the line, and that allows us to sleep through our lives – attaining something on the other side of the line requires sacrifice, discomfort (sometimes a lot), and some stretching of our comfort zone to achieve.  To do this, we have to show extraordinary strength, we have to be able to breathe in our discomfort, in our self-created suffering, and accept the possibility that we could fail. Of course all these things are related to fear, the one thing that can overpower our true desire and our most sincere goals and visions.

For sure it is easier to choose the promise of sameness.

What if…

For a moment you imagined what you can achieve without fear. What can you envision? What will all of a sudden be newly within reach? Imagine that you are able to step outside of the stories of your life, the reasons why or why not things, you think, happen the way they do.  What if you challenged your assumptions and mindsets with the intent of seeing and inhabiting the world differently? We assume that the world comes to us each morning pre-formed as we step outside to engage the day, the set, our work and its actors.  And, in turn it hands us positive and negative experiences. The truth is that the world is not pre-formed, but rather it’s our stories, projections and beliefs that form the world we step into – each day and moment. If we want to change our situation – the answers are not outside of us, they are inside of us. Here’s where our true potential and capability exists.  We have to choose it, and the authority to do so comes from inside of us.

We have to claim it and it requires us to take our power..

A way forward

Courage is the ability (and grit) that it takes to step into something that we know is dangerous to us, however we push forward and do it anyhow.  How much grit do we have to push on, in spite of the discomfort? We’ve known people who could do extraordinary things in the face of adversity. How did they gather, for their ambition and use, such an amazing quantity of grit?

What is the relationship between this quality of grit and that – which quietly awaits inside of you?

The ask

·    What moves you today in this moment?

·    How important is it to you?

·    Why is it important?

·    What would you face into to make it happen?

·    Or, is the womb of sameness ok for now?