Evoke's Coaching Process

The coaching journey generally lasts seven months. During the first month, we get to know you through deep listening and assessments (360-degree feedback assessment and other tools). There is no coaching that happens. A 360-degree assessment allows us—and you—to see if there is a gap between how you perceive yourself and how your employees, peers, and senior management perceive you. This process often unearths additional coaching topics.

During our conversations, we identify the qualities, once cultivated, that will help you reach your coaching goals. At the end of the first month, we create a customized development plan to assist you in reaching these identified goals—and the coaching begins.

Throughout our coaching relationship, we will work below the surface at a deeper level where the catalysts of change are waiting. Often, to attain new results, we have to change our thinking and behavior. With the help of customized practices and proven methodologies, we identify and put in place new behaviors that, with practice, create new neural pathways that support your future goals and visions. Creating new neural pathways is similar to learning to play a musical instrument: It takes practice. Along the journey, there are often roadblocks and obstacles that appear. Deep listening and carefully designed questions help to navigate quickly to the heart of issues and roadblocks. These obstacles are your valuable tools waiting to be sharpened, once they are addressed. Assumptions about others and the world are also often at play. Some assumptions are true, some are partially true, and some are flat-out false. Bringing clarity to these assumptions becomes the lever to sustainable change and new realities.