Evoke Leadership – a story of evolution

Toma Ramirez enjoyed 15 years in the corporate world as a successful and highly motivated business executive. Having transitioned out of that world, he has evolved back in, now as an executive leadership coach with new perspectives and real-world experience. He is educated and trained in multiple business and transformational coaching methodologies and processes, most notably from Harvard, Stanford, and New Ventures West. But what he offers is not theoretical models gleaned from course books and years of seminars. He helps clients succeed by leveraging deep-rooted knowledge and first-hand experience inside the pressure cooker that is often the life of a senior executive.   Toma spent nearly two decades in software and financial services as a business development executive, business consultant, and entrepreneur, having co-founded three start-ups. The role of executive coach intrigued him, as he is, by nature, curious and empathetic. As the roles of consultant and executive began to blend, he found himself drawn to helping others using what he had learned on his leadership journey about negotiating, performance, running teams, and innovating. Because he understands business dynamics and the challenges of executive leadership, clients are walking with a coach who feels their pain and can help them create paths toward change, success, and results.   Toma enjoys reaching into and across organizations, helping leaders and their teams remove obstacles, address discord and dysfunction, focus on common goals, find common ground, and move forward as a cohesive and united whole. Because of his non-traditional coaching background and his critical years of corporate life, he is able to quickly drill down to core issues affecting executive leadership and create directions for new awareness and sustainable change.

Toma Ramirez | Evoke Leadership®

Principal, Executive Coach & Facilitator

Group-learning facilitator for Immunity to Change (individual & teams); Conflict Management; and Design Thinking for Visioning & Innovation.

Toma Ramirez is an executive coach, facilitator, and business advisor who brings a special distinction to the client partnership: his own twenty years of successful entrepreneurial and business leadership experience. Having co-founded three businesses, sold one business, and consulted to more than twenty Fortune 500 companies, Toma knows the challenges senior executives face daily in their super charged, highly competitive environments—the challenges that often distract them, complicate their vision, and clutter their paths to effective leadership, performance, and productivity.

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As an executive leadership coach, I work with senior directors and above across a wide range of industries, including high-tech, insurance, health care, oil & gas, financial, manufacturing, and retail.

My approach to one-on-one coaching, however, is less about the industry, and more about each client’s development needs and how to transform into a successful, confident executive who leads with genuine presence, inner wisdom, and emotional intelligence. We focus on communication, presence, individual performance, innovation and visioning, emotional intelligence, and building teams to drive exceptional results.

Many of my clients have been identified for a fast track: They are extraordinary at what they do and they need to develop specific skills—or remove obstacles—in order to move to the next level. My clients are highly engaged in their own progress and vision. They are open to feedback and the expectation for new awareness, and they are willing to do the work to get there.

“Enter the dynamic flow where effort ceases
and nature takes over.”

Dr. Jose Stevens, The Power Path