Clarity and Vision

Drive Exceptional Results

Evoke Leadership works with senior executives to help them achieve professional and personal excellence.

The work we do together will help you remove obstacles; get clear on objectives and the path forward; create more authentic relationships built on trust and honesty; engage in more courageous conversations with colleagues and partners; embrace your individual strengths; and transform the landscape, enabling your goals and visions.

If you are ready for clarity and breakthrough, if you are ready to live an easier, more authentic executive life, I would be pleased to walk this journey with you.

Toma Ramirez

Principal, Executive Coach & Facilitator

EVOKE Mission

To help senior executives and organizational leaders achieve exceptional results and intended business outcomes through alignment and engagement; and to help them learn to trust their internal wisdom, tap their natural talents, and develop new awareness in order to experience great work and positive change.


“Toma Ramirez is a trusted confidant who listens with care and sincerity and guides with patience and thoughtfulness. His perception into the nature of leadership and the refinement of each individual’s skills has empowered me forward. I recommend his mentorship to anyone who seeks to nurture and grow the leader within them.”

Scott Campbell, Vice President Fellow, R&D, GoPro, San Mateo, CA




I had the privilege of being coached by Toma Ramirez for nine months. Toma helped me clarify my goals and personal mission statement. His coaching was a catalyst to changes in both my thinking and behavior. The coaching was extremely helpful in supporting me to trust myself and move from being a “do it alone ranger” to a curious collaborator. I saw measured increase in my sales and income, and more ease in my relationships with colleagues and clients. I learned how to navigate conflict better in my personal and professional life. Years later, I still use some of the frameworks and concepts from our time together, and I remain deeply grateful for the experience.”

Nzinga Hatch, Insurance Professional, Oakland, CA




“I became a more successful CEO as a result of Toma helping me clarify my objectives and identify and remove roadblocks that were getting in my way. Since Toma has been a highly successful executive, he’s ‘been there, done that,’ and that proved immensely helpful in developing my abilities in areas such as business development.”

Mark Andersen, Co-founder, VP Marketing & Growth, Lifelique, San Francisco, CA






One-on-one executive coaching at Evoke Leadership is custom-designed coaching that focuses on the individual strengths, assumptions, needs, and goals of the individual client. Our goal is to create a trusting experience that brings about new awareness leading to vision (clarity), transformation (change), and results (performance).

All of us have something that is uniquely special about us—something extraordinary to offer that no one else has in the same quantity or form. Whatever that specialness is, it comes naturally to us and it’s in abundance. It’s the one thing that can cut through most challenges and problems, and it’s a clue to our individual strengths and skills.